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Whether you are a writer or a reader, you may have heard about these books called ARCs. ARCs are, quite simply, Advanced Reader Copies or Advanced Review Copies. These are books I'll provide free of charge to pre-approved readers, reviewers and influencers prior to publication in order to spread knowledge of the book. It's that simple, if you sign up, you'll receive an edited copy of a new release (before release), you'll read, then help post or review the book. 

If you're unsure about the etiquette involved in being part of my Advanced Reader Corps follow along: 

Reader etiquette:

Hey readers! Interested in reading a book ahead of publication? This section is for you!  

When you receive an ARC, it will be via e-mail and be a PDF copy of the book and here are the guidelines: 

  • I am not asking you to edit, proofread, or comment. 

  • Don’t sell your ARC. They are not intended for sale.

  • It’s expected that you will review the book, but it isn’t required. It is polite to do so, particularly either before the book releases (like on Goodreads) or on or near the release day (like on Amazon).

  • Your review doesn’t have to be positive. It just has to be honest. But again, keep those comments of your thoughts on the book to your reviews… don’t send them to me. 

  • You must disclose you received a copy of the book for a review. Often, this can be as simple as leaving a line at the end (or beginning) of your review stating, “I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review,” or something similar. 


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