Conflicted - The New World series


Conflicted: The Survival Card Game: Made for Preppers and Survivalists You are the leader of a bugout group. Your decisions matter more than they ever did before.Can you handle the decisions you’ll face after Doomsday? When civilization and infrastructure are gone, where will you draw the line between your morals and your will to live another day? Most importantly, where will your friends and loved ones who you’ll be spending this difficult time with draw the line for themselves?

Conflicted: The Survival Card Game: Lets you explore your own survival philosophy and that of others. Conflicted was designed to help you think about life in a post apocalyptic world. After playing it, you’ll be more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and areas needing improvement. How far are you willing to go in order to survive, when the choice is life versus your own morals?

Know Your Friends: When you play Conflicted: The Survival Card Game with your friends and family, their answers will tell you all about their philosophy on prepping and survival. What they say or don’t say, their body language – it all matters. You will probably re-think who you’ll bugout with after the first game.

Know Your Enemies: By Playing Conflicted: The Survival Card Game you’ll realize that the thin veil of civilized behavior our current modern society currently portrays is easily torn apart. We all have a breaking point, where our will to live speaks louder than our own morals. That breaking point is at a different place for everyone. A survival card game designed for preppers and survivalists and those wanting to introduce others to emergency preparedness, Conflicted: The Survival Card Game will give you hours of meaningful discussion while entertaining you and your friends and family. You will be asked to come up for answers to several realistic scenarios which will pull you completely out of your comfort zone, make you think about life without the modern comforts you currently enjoy, and reveal to yourself what kind of person you really are when faced with situations that will either end your life or destroy your moral compass.There is nothing like this game out there, and that’s why we made it. Once you play you’ll realize why this game will be a favorite among preppers and survivalists everywhere.

An In Depth Explanation About Conflicted: The Survival Card Game Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is a brand new way for survivalists to share their philosophies about prepping. It’s a game that can be a serious conversation between established prepper groups, or it can be a fun way to introduce someone to the concept of prepping.Conflicted helps you show other preppers why you are prepping, why your reason for prepping matters, and what your survival philosophy is when choosing life vs your morals.



Now play Conflicted - The New World series to see if you can do better than Gordon Van Zandt and the others from the international bestselling apocalyptic series.