JAVAPOCALYPSE - BOLD, SMOOTH COFFEE / $13.00 + shipping/handling

For me, coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a passion. I love coffee, period. From the aroma to the sound of my machine brewing the black gold, I love everything about coffee. So when I had a chance to create my own unique blend that would represent my tastes and my books I worked with master roaster Andy Van Nostrand from Warrior Roasters. After months of back and forth with different blends and roasted at various temps we finally perfected the blend.

JAVAPOCALPSE is a blend of beans from Brazil, Columbia and Sumatra. It’s roasted dark for a robust but smooth taste and will be nothing short of a throat punch in regards to octane (caffeine). So for those who love a French roast type blend without ‘surrendering’ flavor, JAVAPOCALYPSE is for you.

JAVAPOCALYPSE is sold in 12oz bags. Choose between ground or whole bean.

It is a small batch roast with limited supply.


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