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Philip Briggs with CBS Radio Eye on Veterans

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The New World Series by G. Michael Hopf - Post-Apocalyptic Book Review
Best Selling Author G. Michael Hopf Preaches, "Doomsday Is Near!"

Best Selling Author G. Michael Hopf Preaches, "Doomsday Is Near!"

Our nation is in utter despair. China's official news agency has called for the creation of a "de-Americanised world", saying "the destinies of people should not be left in the hands of a hypocritical nation with a dysfunctional government." Our national memorials are being barricaded and veterans are blocked from having access. The government is "shut down" but our dictator-in-chief still keeps the golf courses open while he gets rid of sports on TV for the military. He kicks an elderly couple out of the house, points blame, refuses to negotiate and spends like we print our own money... oh wait... It's clear, very clear. The Obama regime is striking hard against our military, our vets, and you & me. Unless you have your head in the sand or way up your anal cavity, you're wide awake and ready to fight with me. EBT cards are "broken" temporarily... but if it remains that way until Tuesday, we'll have riots in the streets according to EVERY historical reference to starving mobs who haven't had food for just 3 days. Let's get real for a moment... If you're more concerned about sports, than our country, you're going to be in for a hard reality check. If my gut is right, we're all being targeted. Libertarians, republicans, returning veterans, and yes, even George Washington would "not be welcome in today's army." What's going on in this country? We'll be breaking it down on this episode of The Gun Show with author G. Michael Hopf as he helps us discover a few things: 1) The state of the economy 2) Views on the state of our political climate and our president refusing to negotiate 3) Likelihood of marshall law 4) Obama's ability to be "king" 5) How soon this nation will fail 6) What skills people need to have You'll be shocked to realize how close this all really is, and what you should be doing to be ready, even if you haven't prepped a day in your life. Lock and load Patriots! We're headed for a dark age.
How to Get Started Writing Your Book with G. Michael Hopf

How to Get Started Writing Your Book with G. Michael Hopf

197: 21 Books and over 1 Million Sold G. Michael Hopf Interested in becoming a writer? In this episode, Joe Crane interviews Marine Corps Veteran G. Michael Hopf. Michael is the bestselling author of 21 books. Listen and learn from his story!   "People who have found success don’t just sit around and wait... Just write and start doing it." - G. Michael Hopf Experience in the Military Michael enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1989, and his experiences changed his life. He enrolled in the Marine Combat Training.   He also took part of the mission in the Gulf War. To this day, he stays connected with his colleagues. A Successful Transition Nearing his transition, Michael took a terminal leave and went into a commercial diving school. He loved adventure.   He shares two challenges he faced. One is the feeling of being misunderstood. The second is finding a sense of purpose.     After 6 years in the diving school, he became an Executive Protection Agent for 10 years. Both experiences helped him transition into the civilian world successfully. Crafting "Read-worthy" Stories Michael has been writing since high school. What started as a hobby became his career. He is a voracious reader as well.   He remembers reading a book while still in the diving school. That inspired him to craft his own stories. He completed writing a novel within 9 months.      To hear from G. Michael Hopf, download and listen to this episode.   Don’t forget to leave us a 5-star rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!   Check out these links from G. Michael Hopf: Michael’s website Facebook Transitions 2.0 book   Download Joe Crane’s Top 7 Paths to Freedom or get it on your mobile device. Text VETERAN to 38470. Guest Bio G. Michael Hopf Michael Hopf is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and best-selling author of twenty-one books with over one million copies sold. His first book, THE END (Penguin/Random House), started it all and has been translated into four languages and was optioned for film.   While he's not writing, he spends time mentoring new authors, specifically veterans on how to write and complete a book. He lives with his family in San Diego, CA. Join the Veteran on the Move on Facebook!   Check out Veteran on the Move on Facebook to connect with our guests! It’s also a great place where you can stay in touch with other veterans who are transitioning to entrepreneurship, and get updates and free gouge on the people programs and resources to help you in your transition to entrepreneurship.   The Veteran On the Move podcast has published over 150 episodes giving listeners the opportunity to hear in-depth interviews conducted by host Joe Crane featuring the people, programs and resources to assist veterans in their transition to entrepreneurship: Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard veterans, DOD, entrepreneurship, business, success, military spouse, transition, education, programs and resources.  Veteran On the Move has garnered over 500,000 listens verified through Stitcher Radio, Sound Cloud, Itunes and RSS Feed Syndication making it one of the most popular Military Entrepreneur Shows on the Internet Today.